Green key


Green key



The management and employees of GROF HOTEL made a decision some time ago to upgrade our existing GREEN POLICY and formally incorporate it into our operations and to verify our sustainability-oriented operation through international standards, namely in such a way as to implement or we are checked through the certification process to obtain a sustainable GREEN KEY certificate - for accommodations (in the process of being included in the system of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism - ZZST).

The Green Key is an environmental/sustainability sign, a leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operations in the tourism industry. This prestigious environmental mark signifies the commitment of companies to comply with the strict criteria set by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in certified establishments. The Green Key environmental/sustainability sign guarantees all guests that by choosing a certified tourist facility, they directly contribute to the protection of the environment. Plants - bearers of this sign maintain high environmental standards, which we prove with the help of strict documentation and frequent inspections. The Green Key program places great emphasis on informing and involving visitors in sustainable and more environmentally friendly measures that we implement in our facilities. It ensures that the personnel in the facilities are well-informed and properly trained in the field of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, constantly looking for new - sustainable - ways of doing business and using technology, with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment by reducing the consumption of resources and the amount of waste, and business expenses. As guests are increasingly aware of environmental issues, positive environmental credentials are becoming more and more important when choosing a suitable establishment to spend their free time or for a business meeting. The green key symbolizes commitment to the environment and sustainable development, which is extremely attractive to potential non-guests. Obtaining the Green Key environmental mark also means an additional way of promotion for us, because by obtaining the mentioned mark, we inform potential guests that we meet strict environmental criteria and actively, holistically and systematically improve our sustainably oriented business.

The criteria for the facilities by which the facility was assessed and certified cover 13 areas, namely (1) ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, (2) STAFF INVOLVEMENT, (3) GUEST INFORMATION, (4) WATER, (5) WASHING AND CLEANING, ( 6) WASTE, (7) ENERGY, (8) FOOD AND BEVERAGE, (9) INDOOR ENVIRONMENT, (10) GREEN SURFACES, (11) CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, (12) NATURE ACTIVITIES and (13) ADMINISTRATION.

In the area of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, we at Hotel Grof demonstrated, among other things, active mutual cooperation with the local community. This cooperation is also a prerequisite for placing local communities and tourism providers in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (ZSST), which is a national program and certification scheme under the umbrella brand SLOVENIA GREEN. The scheme (1) combines all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, (2) offers destinations and providers concrete tools to assess and improve sustainable operations, (3) promotes this green operation through the Slovenia Green brand. We have also demonstrated the active cooperation and encouragement of stakeholders and the responsibility to spread green policy among them and in this way become ambassadors of green policy.

By obtaining the Green Key sign - one of the internationally valid sustainable or environmental signs recognized by the ZSST - and signing the GREEN POLICY OF SLOVENIAN TOURISM, HOTEL GROF also fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the Slovenia Green Accommodation sign (in the process of being included in the ZSST system), with which will also formally position us on the Savinja, Slovenian, European and global markets as environmentally and socially friendly accommodation.


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