With you since 1901

With you since 1901

In 1901 Johan Goričan opened his own winery. Horse yokes, carriages and horses have been replaced by cars and buses, but countless visitors still walk through our door.

Time brings changes, and from the day, when it was paid for with Guldens, till today, when we use the common European currency, the nutrition habits have also been changed.


Welcome to the world of culinary delights!

    GROF Restaurant

    Despite different times and eating habits we have preserved the basic mission of the inn Grof.

    Our main principles remain a high quality offer and satisfied guests!




E: info@grof.eu

T: 05 923 37 85


Čeplje 12, Vransko,

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A long-time tradition has strongly influenced the restaurant’s offer, even though it has thoroughly changed in a hundred years. In spite of that Neza’s recipes have been revived from the time when she prepared her dishes for the gentry at the manor Hachenberg, we keep our offer on the traditional level which has come from our surroundings. We can assure that we are committed to this tradition and we gladly carry on the work of our ancestors.
At the same time we are aware that contemporary lifestyle and pulse unintentionally impose different eating habits. We shall satisfy this with a wide range of Italian cuisine, pasta and inevitable offer of pizzas. Your options at our rich salad bar are endless.

  • When the sugar goes low
  • Pizza
  • Seasonal
  • when the sugar goes low
  • for big and small pleasures
  • salad vitamins
  • when the sugar goes low
  • for big and small pleasures
  • cold starters

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