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Rest does not always mean just relaxation, lying in shade and soaking in water. At Grof, we have made sure that you can get a good rest with quality food in a relaxed environment and thus return to work more satisfied.

The hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness center and there are many hiking trails in the surrounding area. We offer you to rent a bike most suitable for you and set off on one of the more or less demanding cycling routes in the Savinja Valley. Or go on Icelandic horseback ride with your family, through the woods  and across the meadows, to the high-altitude farms that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. Adrenaline addicts are also catered for, as you can try your hand at many climbing areas in different directions or paragliding from Medvedjak in a favorable wind. You will not be bored even in winter, as the Golte and Celjska koča ski resorts are only 35 km away, and we will also take care of transport and safe storage of your ski equipment during your stay.


V1 Vzhodna dobroveljska krožna kolesarska pot


Cycling Vransko

The municipality of Vransko has a good number of kilometers of roads, many of which drive through unspoiled nature past natural and cultural attractions. Route's paths are defined and presented on the GeaGo portal with all the characteristics in virtual form. The trails are enriched with photos of sights and attractions on each trail. Of course, the trails are also marked in nature - bike trails with red boards.


V1 – Vzhodna dobroveljska krožna kolesarska pot – 23,1 km / 850 m nv
(Vransko – Čreta – Podvrh – Prekopa – Čeplje – Vransko)

V2 – Po poti vranske kulturne dediščine – 14,9 km / 315 m nv
(Vransko – Tešova – Brode (hmeljišče) – Stopnik – Prekopa – Čeplje – Brode – Vransko)

V3 – Zahodna dobroveljska krožna kolesarska pot – 17,8 km / 790 m nv
(Vransko – Lipa – Šentjošt – Ropasija – Tešova – Brode – Vransko)

V4 – S kolesom okrog Riglja – 9,4 km / 395 m nv
(Vransko – Jakov dol – Marovtov hrib – Prapreče – Vransko)

V5 – K Jeseničniku po razgled – 18,6 km / 690 m nv
(Vransko – Lipa – Jeseničnik – Lipa – Vransko)

V6 – S Skorjo na oddih – 14,3 km / 500 m nv
(Vransko – Ločica pri Vranskem – Ravne – Zahomce – Ločica pri Vranskem – Vransko)

V7 – Z Vranskega v Zaplanino – 20,3 km / 680 m nv
(Vransko – Ločica pri Vranskem – Zaplanina – Vransko)

Bicycle paths are also well connected with bicycle paths in neighboring municipalities. Each of these trails also brings you close to tourist attractions in the region.

Pot 01 – Krožna kolesarska povezava po dolini zelenega zlata – 42,4 km / 375 m nv
(Čeplje – Tabor – Robnik pri Lisjaku – Prebold – Žalec  - Šempeter v Savinjski dolini – Polzela – Žovneško jezero – Čeplje)

Pot 8 – Krožna kolesarska pot Podvrh – Tabor – Podvrh – 15,8 km / 150 m nv
(Čeplje – Tabor – Gomilsko – Žovneško jezero – Čeplje)

Pot 16 – kolesarska pot Vransko – Braslovško jezero – 27,7 km / 880 m nv
(Vransko – Tešova – Čreta – Dobrovlje – Braslovče – Braslovško jezero)

We also have cycling maps prepared for you at the hotel, and we will be happy to help you choose the best and most suitable cycling tour throughout the Savinja Valley.  




In the vicinity of Vransko there are many climbing areas of varying difficulty, which offer excellent climbing in all conditions.

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The location of the hotel provides good access to small and medium-sized ski resorts:

Golte – 35 km

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The municipality of Vransko has a good number of kilometers of roads, many of which drive through unspoiled nature past natural and cultural attractions.

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There are many walking and hiking trails in Vransko and its surroundings. They are suitable for more serious hikers, joggers, as well as families.

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Adrenalin park Celjska koča

The park comprises 35 different elements. It is suitable for adults and children from 5 years of age or 150 cm height with outstretched arms.

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Bobcart Celjska koča

The Bob kart summer toboggan run stretches down the slope of the Celjska koča ski resort.

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Zip Line Golte

The zip line is a new acquisition of the Golte center. Fly over the tops of trees and travel from point A to point B on a rope at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour.

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The Islander Ranch, located in the immediate vicinity of the Grof Hotel, offers Icelandic horse riding, which can be attended by riding instructors or guides.

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